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Remember recently copied smilies

Because I can never leave things alone and to make it less useless, I've added your recently copied smilies to the top of the homepage.

Now you don't have to dig around for your favorite smilies!

Bigish update

So I recoded the site... again. We'll call this version 3, or whatever.

Basically "genres" are now called "tags", smilies can have multiple tags (they could only have one before).

"Categories" are now "collections".

You can now copy a smiley's code with a single click and you can copy bb code, html or markdown along with a couple other options.

Oh and I finally made the text smilies in these posts turn to images. Which is something you'd figure I would have done long ago

In addition to the site stuff I've added a couple new collections: My SomethingAwful smilies | My Wrestling Smilies

I also fixed the following user pages: {DBM}Ja§, Fire§lash, RuinKai.

Still have some more stuff planned but... spoilers!

If you have any issues, please contact me at

Rollin the stone

All the smilies which weren't removed have now been added to Imgur. It's not 100% reliable, but it's better than losing a whole server of smilies every few months! Thanks to all those who have hosted smilies and helped me in the past.

Also tracked down a few more broken smilies and fixed a couple random things.

I'm probably going to be doing some more updates in the next days/weeks/months. Seeing all the great smilies people have contributed over the years really makes me want to get this heap up and running again

I'd love it if the few of you who still visit please Like MySmilies on Facebook. It'd help me out and keep me motivated

Ah ha, I have an idea!

Alrighty, noticed another smiley server went down. In the coming days I plan to upload all the smilies to Imgur. That should ensure the smilies stay around forever (in Internet time).

I'm also going to add a one-click-copy on the smilies (using a Flash/JavaScript plugin).

Any smilies I haven't gotten explicit permission to use will be removed from the site (I've been wanting to for a while).

Lastly, I noticed over a thousand smilies that were missing from the site somehow and also a few incorrect URLs. Those have been added/fixed.


My bad, I forgot to test the site on Internet Explorer 7. You should be able to see the smilies now, heh.