News - Page 6

More Smilies =)

Added more to off the net 8 and black eye's 3rd page. Added guus's, tweetz's and ezboard smilies... have fun!


uh oh, i'm updating from some library... tripod sucks, end of story...
sorry the site went down, i cant upload anything till i get back so there
will prolly be lots of nasty red x's running around


Welcome Anym to the Contributions section!

p.s. enter the wallpaper contest, dernit!

More Smileys =)

Added some little 3d smileys i made/converted and BLACK^EYE's smileys, prolly gonna add more soon

-Later that morning-

heh, ok, added Drowned's smileys and finally Geno's smileys, I've been kicking myself the whole time i was adding geno's cause i told him i was putting his smileys on a long time ago, sorry man!

Cgi/Design Update

Ok, finished coding the new cgi script, the page is now completely cgi now Here are the new features:

Frames option for those who want it

Turning the text boxes off (may help users with slower computers or ie4.0)

Random smiley images for each section!