News - Page 5

More Goodies

Weeeee, it just keeps getting easier to copy smilies

Now you can change how many smilies you can view per page by clicking the numbers on the bottom left.

Also, now all you have to do to copy a smiley is click it! (provided you have the right browser and OS, i'm only sure it works in Internet Explorer on a windows machine)

Microshaft strikes again

Ok, no more cookies.. they tasted bad, i'm setting it back to good ol text links to turn htm on and off etc...

Mmmmmore Smilies!

Added more from Tweetz and Black Eye, also added a big section from TheOnlyLynx

Technically it's the first now, but i don't wanna change the date up there Anyway,
i just added more minni 3d ones as well as more to my second page, hope you like!

AIM Buddy Icons =)

I've finally done it! i made a bunch of my smilies into aim buddy icons, click the "AIM Buddy Icons!" link
to the left to see/use them!

Don't see the smiley you want? E-MAIL ME and i'll do my best to put it on the page