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Yep, looks like something bad happened on my main server, they are trying to fix it. for now you'll have to use the frames version.. at least it aint nothin


Ok, i messed up the script, it was giving 404's... i had to delete all the files so your bookmarks won't work anymore

Sorry, please go back and update your bookmarks for any smiley pages (btw, i added some smilies, forgot where though ;p)


Ok added some archives really quick, i'm loaded down with a bunch of stuff
so i haven't been available to do many updates

In the contributors i added e_doom's, sarge's, lilly's, slim2g's, navigator's
and xerx's. ionsane in smiley uploads and Final Fantasy IX in games/ff.



Too many people disliked the frames... this is pretty much the same design but it's all html generated by cgi.
Hopefully it won't suck too much bandwidth...

Some links may not work, i'm working on them.

New Layout

Ok, for those of you that hate frames: sorry

For those of you that hate banners: sorry

Though this new design may not look as good, it's a lot faster because you don't
have to download all the links to the left for every page.I hope you guys don't mind too much

oh ya, and i shelled out the cash for, so no more bottom frame