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Version 2.0

New site... here's hoping it doesn't go down

Update: All seems to be going quite well. I guess I'll see what has exploded in the morning

Anyway, send me an email with your questions and comments.

Bug Squashing/Backend Redesign

Yeah, so, uh... I squashed some bugs... and redesigned the backend

anyway, report bugs to me and i'll try my best to fix them.

I just got my computer somewhat functioning again and i'm getting ready to move to Santa Monica (woohoo!) so i don't know how or when updates will come.


ok, it seems everything works with the categories and back/next, there are still some bugs running around but i don't have a computer up and running to fix them

Anyway, i'm gonna go have fun reinstalling stuff.. btw, don't buy IBM hard drives for a while.

Site Redesign (pt5)

So it looks like i've solved most peoples' problems, wee

I forgot to add the violent category, it's there now.

I've been forgetting to post that I can't take any smiley submisions right now, my server situation is still a bit weird and I can't do any updates

Site Redesign (pt3)

OK, i read your emails!

So here we go: All you have to do to get it to back how it was is click the Archives link to the left, it makes the links how they were before the redesign, you can also enable the code text boxes next to the smilies again for those of you who couldn't get the click the smiley thing to work

Again, keep telling me what you think and if it still doesn't work for you, I'll try to fix it ASAP!