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Site Redesign (pt2)

There it is

Here's how it works:

If you are using Internet Explorer all you have to do is click the smiley to copy it to your clipboard.

If you're using a different browser you must click the smiley then copy it from the text box

If you don't like the categories you can find your old links by clicking the Archive link to the left

I can't remember what else i was going to say, i've been coding this for 2 days strait and i gotta go to work tomorrow

Hope you guys like it, i put a lot of work into trying to make this smiley site the best and easiest to navigate!

Please send tell me what you think and report bugs:

Site Redesign

Yep, I've been at it again, perhaps today or tomorrow I'll be releasing a totally new look/feel.

It will hopefully be a lot easier to use and navigate (it's gonna have categories of smilies).

So cross your fingers and hope i can crank this out with no problems

I Moved!

Oooooh boy... well i moved to california, pretty interesting.. it'll be a week or two till i get my
apartment, till then i'll be living with a friend.. updates are gonna be kinna hard, sorry

Little Update

Now all you have to do is put your mouse over the smiley code to highlite it (so all you have to do is right click and copy or click the smiley to copy the text).

I also forgot to include the links to the contributers' pages, that is now fixed

Speaking of giving credit, I thank all the people that put a link to my site on their smiley pages, again, if you see someone using smilies from this site tell me so i can discuss giving credit whereit is due with them...

PHP, baby

Huge update, i redid the entire site in php! here are the advantages for you:

1.) Faster
2.) Random tips on each page
3.) Bookmarks will always work (after you bookmark the new pages)
4.) Remembers preferences via cookies

If your browser doesn't remember your settings (ie smilies per page, frames, code, boxes)
then please email me and i'll try to make them work asap! please tell me what browser and what OS you are using.

my server problems have seem to smoothed out so i hope to finally do a smiley update soon