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It's 2:57 in the morning and i'm finally done!!! have fun finding bugs and un-uploaded pictures, i need sleep!
but seriously, go here to report bugs or to tel me what you think of the update.

I'd tell you more about it but i'm about to pass out atm, i'll change the poll tomorrow or the next day hopefully... zzZZZZ

-The next day-

OK, sections that were updated: Added my own 3-d smileys, Dark VVulf, Added Corkey's and Ahmed's, Added off the net, Asian [+ 3 pages], Almost all the game pages are new/added to.

I got a lot of smileys from here and here, great sites!

Another new look!

Y0p, the old one was bugging the hell out of me, just too cluttered.

I think this feels more roomy and cleaner. I'll be adding more smileys soon, thanks to the people that have been contributing!

Ah, one more thing, i should have the smiley shirts ordered by Monday, which means they'll get here in about 3 weeks

However, this first batch will more than likely be for me just to test the waters, I'll find out what people want and make a better order next time and start selling them online (if i have enough i'll sell the first batch online, too... never know

So, expect an update soon (school sucks!) this is munky - signing off
A while ago's banner ads are a load of crap

On This Page they say "Want to earn extra money? In addition to earning FREE advertising and $$$ with our media exchange also has one of the best referral program on the web that pays out at 4-levels. Find out more."

BUT on other pages amongst yards of text they call the money "ad bucks" and say it's only redeemable for promoting your website with their adds...

So i'm here to spread the word that 1for1 is prolly a load of p00p

Anyway, i'm still gonna do the shirts but there will be very few until i can figure out what people want

btw, i'm having email problems, might be a couple days before i reply to you, seems everything computer related is against me today

A biggy

Added My Kodama!

Added Paladin's, Turbanator's, monsieurboo's, and Scorchio's

Added MANY more Secret of Mana Sprites

Added MANY more Final Fantasy II Sprites

Added a couple smilies to a few different setions

A Single Click Selects The Smiley Text!!!